Please try to bear with me on this. These pages are still a work in progress.

Well I have now posted a transcript of our sessions in this campaign. This is just an overview of main points, or at least what I consider main points. It is helpful if you could review this section before our next session. Also it may contain important information that you; couldn’t hear, or didn’t realise was important at the time.

I am truly trying to make everything you find here my own original creations. However I do some times use other works of fiction as a reference. I warn you now, do NOT assume something is simmilar to anything in any other game or work of fiction. I am sometimes really bad with names, however, as DM numbers and stats dance at my fingers and I can make a name into anything I want it to be. If, by some unknown coincidence, I am making something that is eirely simmilar to some other game or work of fiction then all I can say is, “Ooops.”

I sometimes have really bad spelling. If you can’t understand a word or if things need clarification please send me an e-mail. I think this site has some form of intersite email. I am synthos4.

In these pages I some times forget that I am writing what your charecters know. If I give you more information than you technicaly should have, consider it a gift that you can use against me in the next session.

I reccomend you check back frequently as information can, and probably will, be added whenever I have free time, which is sometimes at very odd hours. Sometimes it will be in the wee hours of the morning, so if I start typing non-sensical information, I promise to fix it right after school the next day.

All pages are currently finished, I think. However I will continue to add to this site as new ideas pop into my brain.

If you could, please sign up on this site and join my campaign. That is so I can get an accurate count of players in the game. It is free, and I won’t hold it against you if you don’t.

There is now a REALLY bad picture of the world with some major land marks.

If someone who can draw really well would be willing, I need a map of this world. Nothing fancy, just using the information here to make a world map of where the continents are and stuff. I am getting desperate. Thanks.

Happy Gaming


Legacy of the 3 Weapons