Legacy of the 3 Weapons

In The Tower Part 1

Today our party entered the wizard’s tower. They were immediately attacked by large lizard like creatures, however thay successfully defaeted the monsters and moved deeper into the tower. They were then trapped and almost drowned. They released the drain in the room and were saved. Afterwards half the party ascended to the second level, while others stayed behind to explore the newly discovered wizard’s library. They then rested.


Okay, this comment will prove to me exactly how many of you actually read this page. This is me talking as another player, not the DM. Spliting up was a stupid idea, a you didn’t even finish exploring the ground level, why in the world go higher… Seriously, this tower seems determined to kill you why make it’s job any easier? Never, never, never leave any areas unexplored. You never know what treasures the DM will put in any room, and if there is no treasure then at least you get EXP for killing the monsters…

In The Tower Part 1

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