Legacy of the 3 Weapons

In the Tower... Still

This is a short description of everything that has happend between the last post and the last gaming session.

The party went in seperate directions, traps were activated, monsters were fought, and no one died. Then they went up to the second floor. There they were attacked by a Bone Lord and his minons. A rogue died. 2 prisoners were found and they joined the party. Then up to the 3rd floor. They found spiders, so they lit the webs on fire burning many of them, they also harmed a pixie on accident, or at least I SUPPOSE it was an accident. Found the wizard’s old lab and accidentaly summoned a monster. That was defeated, and they went up to level 4. Found some rooms that were distinctly odd, ignored most of them, fought a few monsters. Went up to level 5. Found sleeping chambers, and lots of loot. A few notible items were a pair of humming swords, a leafy bow, a transforming rod, a axe with a mirror finish, and a gauntlet that did a whole bunch of things. They were also attacked by monsters and fell victim to a slime trap. 2 died. Then they found an altar and the shade of the dead wizard appeared and challanged them to single combat. 4 people have died thus far fighting the wizard’s shade. A bard collapsed a third of the tower with a sonic spell cause he is an ass. The rest of the party decided not to wait for single combat to kill each and everyone of them, so they rushed up the stairs. There they encounterd the Bone Lord again. He tried to waylay the adventurers but it didn’t work. The party is now all on top of the wizard’s tower ready to fight him… If they can find him that is.

I went through that very quckly so it is missing some detail. Hopefully nothing important. -GM



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