Legacy of the 3 Weapons

The Story So Far

The party headed to town after a succesful adventure in a forgotten monastary. It is there that they aquired the legendary weapons Durindana and the Scales of Ballance.

They went to the closest town, which also happened to be the capital of the entire nation. There they went to a tavern, and were later found by a messenger from the king himself. The king had ordered an audience with the group. They then followed the messenger back to the castle and listened to the king. The king told them of the legend of the 3 weapons, and explained that disaster would soon happen unless the 3rd weapon was also found. The party were then issued the kings offical seal and sent on their way. THey then bought almost every magical item in the capital, on the king’s tab. Afterwards they did some reaserch into the legend, the only other thing they were able to uncover was a cryptic verse: “the tower is reveiled when the eyes of the desert close.” The party hired a cleric and left for the desert.

When they reached the desert at first they saw nothing. Then they were able to make out buzzards flying around the corpse of a merchant who had died due to the harh desert climate. One of the party then saw something out of the corner of his eye, to the north. The party journied north for a little while without seeing anything. Soon one of the party saw what appeared to be a rock in the desert sands, but when they looked back the rock had vanished. Soon the group came under attack from Bullets. After a lengthy fight all the Land Sharks lay on the desert sands slain. Once all the Bullets were dead the sorcerer’s tower rose from the desert sands…

To Be Continued



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