ancient legend

Long ago there were 3 friends. They played together as children and vowed they would not let growing up separate them. Sadly as they aged their interests drew them in separate directions. One became a cleric filled with holy power, another became a sorcerer powerful in dark magic, and the last became a monk who forged a path of neutrality. Several years later the three friends returned to their home town by coincidence at the same time. The cleric and sorcerer immediately began to battle and would have killed each other on the spot however, the monk recognizing his old friends, stopped them. After they had calmed down they decided to adventure together for old time sake. Neither the cleric nor the sorcerer expected it to work out well, but in the end it did. The monk’s staff, the sorcerer’s spells, and the cleric’s holy power made them an unstoppable team. They rid the world of many monsters and even a few dragons.

In this time they had grown so powerful their weapons began to take on traits of their owners. The cleric name her sword “Durindana” after the high priestess of her church, and it became infused with holy power. The sorcerer used a spear that he named “Thanfeix” after one of the demons in the Abyssal Pit, and it became charged with negative energy. The monk called his favored staff “The Scales of Balance” since he was always keeping the evil sorcerer and good cleric balanced. He constructed his staff of both Darkwood and Ash, and it gained the powers of both Life and Death.

In the twilight of their years they gave up their adventuring ways and settled down. The cleric and monk decided to build a monastery, due to their shared spiritual beliefs. The sorcerer stayed only a little while until one night he left without a word to the other two. He traveled into the eastern desert where he built a tower. The cleric and monk were sad to see their friend leave them, and for the rest of their lives they always kept one room in the monastery empty, just in case their friend were to return.

When they died it is assumed their weapons were hidden in their respective buildings, awaiting a group of adventurers to find them. However they did not realize the peril they invited by having the sorcerer’s spear in a separate location. For if even one weapon has its powers awakened then the other two must be awoken as well, lest the balance of the world tip and the gods use extreme means to correct it. The weapons had become THAT powerful. Let it also be known that each weapon has its own spirit, and once awoken will start growing until it is as powerful as it once was.

ancient legend

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