This nation was founded by Vetinari the Cunning back in the olden days.

It currently occupies the west and south portions of Ansalon. There are only a few cities because most people live as nomads on the great plains of the south. To the east there is a massive moutian range where minerals and ore is extracted by dwarves. It is in this moutian range that the capital city, Vetner, is located. The city is named for the founder of the nation. The king’s pallace is in the capital city. The current king is Laxim Rathburn, a human.

Most of the population is dwarven and human. Elves, being native to the north are shunned by the people of Rovenia, as are halflings.

Rovenia has just finished its latest war with the knigdom of Teranz. A group of diplomats have signed a cease fire agreement that is, so far, holding.


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